PIDP 3260 – Professional Practice

Hi! I’m Erika and welcome to my PIDP blog. This post is about my PIDP 3260 class which is all about Professional Practice and what that means/looks like as an educator in adult education. I’m really excited to do this course because as a nurse, this is something that has a huge amount of influence over my career. We are introduced to professional practice in nursing school and it remains a career long learning experience. As well, nurses have a code of ethics we are expected to adhere to and any deviation is met with serious consequences. Luckily nurses have regulatory bodies that help guide us in what professional practice looks like and with the ever changing landscape of social media, we need to have something to guide us through these murky waters.

As this diploma program is geared towards adult learners, I’m curious as to how people interpret professional practice and what it looks like in their classroom. As we are teaching adults, where is the fine line between being professional and being friendly? How can we maintain professionalism and engage students? What are some pitfalls new instructors fall in to and how do they manage these situations?

I have so many questions and am really very interested in seeing what my classmates have to say about professional practice. I think it’s going to be a really great couple of months!



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