Infographic Assignment

I have to admit that I am not a very tech person and the thought of making something digital is actually terrifying. I like to write papers but that’s because I am familiar with these and find comfort in the process. I chose this as I wanted to push myself but in a way I knew I had a small of chance with success. With the forums that are currently going on, especially the 20 hours forum by Joanna Jagger and the notion that you can learn something in 20 hours – well, that’s been put to the test!   I have put in more than 20 hours and can say that though I am more familiar with HOW to do this I am still a novice at how to create the infographic and was/am repeatedly frustrated by the creative process. Perhaps I am limited by my own creativity and that the end game was to LEARN how to create the project and not necessarily master it.

I chose concept mapping as my focus as that’s something I do daily and have used since nursing school. Sometimes my brain is faster than my hands can write and I find I can “shorthand” a concept map – get all the relevant information out of my brain and onto a whiteboard. From there I can slow down and connect the dots but this allows me to get that initial rush of ideas out and into the open. This project forced me to slow down and and not keep up with all that I wanted to include or say. I wish I could say I enjoyed the creative process but I found it stressful even with a topic I’m familiar with. I will continue to try these projects however because I’m a competitive person and don’t like not being good at something. I applaud my effort and hopefully that’s worth something.

Concept Mapping

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