Student Engagement

The textbook used for PIDP 3250 is called Student Engagement (by Elizabeth Barkley) and to be honest I as a bit hesitant about reading it. I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised! The examples that she uses in the book are ones that I can relate to and had no idea what to do about. I think all educators, regardless of class size, want our students to be as excited about what we are teaching as we are. I know I have a sense of disappointment when I can see how my students don’t find the topic presented as riveting as I do – I mean, who doesn’t love learning about coronary artery disease?! As I am a new educator I am always looking for ways to make my classes more engaging, or at least relate-able which isn’t always easy. So far the one thing that has popped out is the fact that unless I can make the material have some meaning for the student I may not get the full engagement that I want. So how do I do that? What are some tips or tricks I can use to infect my students with enthusiasm for topics such as adrenal disorders or skin disorders? I guess I had better read more than the first 4 chapters to find out!

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