Learning Plan Assignment

Lesson Plan Assignment

1. Blooms Taxonomy:   http://cft.vanderbilt.edu/guides-sub-pages/blooms-taxonomy/

This website provides clear and concise information which is presented in an easy to follow format making navigation and understanding user friendly for various technical capabilities. There are numerous links per page that are relevant to this topic and also provide .pdf links within the information to further illustrate and deepen your level of understanding. By better understanding Blooms Taxonomy, I can develop clear and focused objectives that I can relay to my students and develop strategies relevant to their level of understanding. It also allows me to assess if my objectives are effective and relevant based on student assessments.

2. Characteristics of Adult Learners:   http://qotfc.edu.au/resource/index.html?page=65375&pid=65340

This layout of this website and the information provided is not only relevant but can easily be applied when trying to understand adult learners. The information is straightforward and provides not only definitions of adult learners, but also helpful strategies with instruction. The numerous links to other topics relevant to lesson components is helpful in ensuring student and educator understanding. My future lesson plans will take into consideration the individuality of students and by doing so can reach and tailor the information accordingly.

3. Creating a positive learning environment: * You will find this link under the Resources category due to it’s length and formatting*

The information on this particular website gives an overview of the adult learner but the main focus is on how to provide a positive and engaging learning environment for the adult learner. It has numerous strategies and ideas that are easy for the novice instructor to understand and implement when creating their “classroom”. The amount of information to choose from makes it easier for me to help organize my lesson plans and incorporate useful tools in keeping my students engaged and focused.

4. Motivational Techniques: http://www.crlt.umich.edu/tstrategies/tsms

What I liked about this website is the fact that each header was a link to specific information regarding motivating students – easy to read and once again, easy to navigate. It provides helpful strategies for how to not only approach teaching but also how to tailor lesson plans and assess learning. For a novice instructor like myself, this website gave me positive tools for not only engaging students early but also how to keep them engaged and enthusiastic. Positive learning happens in a positive environment and the information on this site gives plenty of examples on how to do that.

5. Assessment:    http://www.humber.ca/centreforteachingandlearning/instructional-strategies/teaching-methods/course-development-tools/writing-evaluation-criteria.html#ScrollHere

The organization, resources and links cited are numerous and insightful. There are examples of different assessment methods (when and when not to use specific types), how to build effective tests and something called Authentic Assessment which is a method I can see myself incorporating when teaching adult learners. This site provided a lot of “a-ha” moments and helped me to understand that assessing students is more than just comprehension but application as well. For adult learners, as I have discovered, this is relevant to their learning.


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